Frequently Asked Questions

What code do I have to type?

The numbers are "4 8 15 16 23 42", including spaces, excluding quotes.

Where and when can I type the numbers?

Go to the 'Home' screen to type the numbers. They should appear on the computer screen as you type. Press the enter or return key to submit the numbers. You must use the number keys at the top of your keyboard - the keypad cannot be used. You can only enter the numbers in the last four minutes of the timer, when the alarm sounds.

What are Access Levels?

Access Levels are granted as you Push The Button (PTB). The more you push the button, the higher level you will be granted, up to Level 9. Each access level unlocks a new secret feature of the hatch. You get a reset point every time you are the first to PTB or for every 5 consecutive PTB you make in solo play.

How many reset points do I need for the next level?

Please login so we can calculate your current Access Level.

What happens if the timer expires?

Have you never watched LOST?!?! If you want to see a system failure, simply disconnect your internet connection when the timer reaches the 4 minute mark... but please don't blame us if your computer implodes.

Can I play solo?

Yes, although keeping the timer going is a group effort, we also count the number of consecutive pushes you make, so you can see how long you can personally keep the timer going whilst contributing to the group record. Every time you PTB two or more times in succession, a message will appear in chat to inform everyone you are on a roll... and if you break your own personal record, it will say this too.

Any valid attempt to PTB will count towards your solo score, so even if you are not the first to PTB or you PTB when the timer is reserved, it will still count towards your solo score. Please note, if you PTB whilst the timer is reserved it will not reset the timer, so you might need to PTB AGAIN if no-one else does to prevent system failure.

Why was the button reserved?

It is possible for registered users to reserve some of the pushes available each day.
Try again another time, or register a screen name!

I missed my reserve, can I get a refund?

Sorry, no. Dharma Credits allow you to reserve the button for the first minute. Even if you don't take the opportunity to actually push the button yourself, you are still preventing other people from pushing the button during that time. Unused Dharma Credits are also non-refundable.

Any other tips?

You can hover your mouse over flags, screen names in chat messages, and statistic headings to get more info. Make sure you have cookies enabled on your browser. Play nice in chat, and have fun. Namaste and Good Luck!


Every 108 minutes, the button must be pushed. From the moment the alarm sounds, you will have four minutes to enter the code into the microcomputer processor.

Either you or your partners must input the code. It is highly recommended that you and your partners take alternating shifts. In this manner you will all stay fresh and alert.

Congratulations! Until your replacements arrive, the future of the project is in your hands. On behalf of the Degroots, Alvar Hanso and all of us at the Dharma Initiative, thank you. Namaste. And good luck.

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